Fun-size movers

dance & movement classes for kids

Suitable for children ages 4-6

Led by Denise Leong 

Upcoming Classes: TBC

When the music plays, the children scatter all over the room — running, twirling, skipping, jumping — and when the music stops, they freeze. Holding their frozen shapes, they wait for the moment when the music starts again.

Learning, expression and creativity do not merely concern faculties of the mind, but of the body too. These 1-hour sessions are designed to provide a joyful and non-competitive space for children to explore age-appropriate movement through music and games, develop locomotion, fine and gross motor skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination, develop confidence and a healthy self esteem.

Creating dance phrases, solving movement puzzles, inventing movements big and small, moving in tandem, exploring bodily shapes…By integrating a range of movement experiences through fun and play, children learn about their bodies, the space around them, and each other.

We promise lots of fun.