daSH residency


daSH residency aims to provide holistic development opportunities for dance artists and movement researchers to embark on and deepen their engagement with the local community. This includes providing opportunities for capability building and platforms for you to encounter and engage with various communities and community stakeholders. Through the residency, you will have opportunities to dialogue, develop and co-create with the community with the objective of enhancing artistry, improving health and reflecting the collective stories of the people.

offer daSH residency attracting dance artists and movement researcher at different stages of their careers. During your time here, you will facilitate and engage intimately with our local community, supporting their journey in dance and health.

Cost and living?

There will be no costs involved.

Participants who require visa to enter Singapore will need to apply for visa independently. 

Flights and accomodation will not be provided.


daSH residency lasts from 2 weeks to 6 months

How and when to apply?

Submit the following to us at howonemoves@gmail.com
- CV
- A paragraph on why you want to join the residency
- What do you hope to achieve from the residency
- Period of stay in Singapore

You may apply anytime as our residency happen all year round.